Monday, July 28, 2014


Today, author and blogger Maria Ferrer, host and editor of "Latina Book Club," published an interview of me regarding my recent literary activities:

  • Being selected as Poet Laureate of Altadena Library District in California. My term goes from 2014-2016, during which I'll edit an annual poetry anthology and promote local and regional poets in various literary events.
  • My new book (my 4th), Rising, Falling, All of Us, which I introduced in Lake Como, Italy at an international writers' conference this month. I conducted my "debut" reading from this book at the conference in front of an audience including Pulitzer Prize winners.
  • Taking workshops from Pulitzer Prize winning authors at this conference for an intensive week alongside published authors from throughout the United States, as well as one from Italy and another from Australia.
My thanks to Maria for her kindness in interviewing me. You can read the interview at this link:
Thank you for checking it out, for "liking" it on Maria's blog, and for re-tweeting it if you'd like.

I'll soon be updating this blog with information about new authors, established authors publishing new work, and upcoming events. I had fallen behind, and I apologize to my readers for this. Thanks for coming back, or for dropping by on your first visit here. I hope you'll become a fan and learn alongside us. Best wishes to you!

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